• Trust through technology

    Trust and transparency is fundamental to the way we operate. Our project management system ensures that both clients and our company will handle information in optimal manner.

  • Together we find solutions

    Our expertise goes well beyond our clients’ expectations.  We work closely with our clients to help finance, plan and deliver projects in the most effective and efficient way possible.

  • Bringing expertise to the world

    Pentech provides decades of experience to its projects with highly competitive standards.

  • Experts in new and developing markets

    Our experience in different countries demonstrates we understand how to manage highly complex environments; we excel at handling risk and uncertainty.

About Pentech

Pentech brings decades of experience and great expertise to its projects, in a highly competitive manner.

About Pentech

About Pentech

Acerca de Pentech Pentech is a Spain-based multinational organization with branches in Argentina, Bolivia, Panama, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela. The company is capable of competing in the energy and industrial market sectors, in accordance with its defined business plan strategies.

Our organization is comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals, clearly defined work strategies, financial and technological resources, and a solid integrated management system within Pentech’s operational, financial and budgetary control systems, allowing for real-time control of project logistics and financial activities.

Pentech today is a consolidated and flexible organization with real possibilities to execute projects of considerable relevance and magnitude, and capable of delivering optimal results.

Ethics and Values Pentech

Pentech upholds fundamental values that guide our policies, operations and decisions in any activity. These core values are shared by every member of the organization.

Pentech’s code of ethics and values allow us to build long-term relationships with our key audiences. These relationships are based on respect, trust and value creation.


To be a multinational company in engineering, procurement and construction with operations in the energy markets of Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.


To successfully execute Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects, and other related services for the energy, industrial and infrastructure sectors, meeting the expectations of our customers, employees and business partners.

Fundamental values

We are consistent with the values and agreements that we assume

We insist with determination to always do better

We strive to satisfy our customers according to what is agreed upon

We achieve common objectives integrating our differences

Our people, safety and the environment are priorities for the company

Our expertise applied globally

Our expertise applied globally

Experiencia VenezolanaPentech’s experience is backed by its team of qualified managers and technical specialists, having fulfilled leadership roles in multidisciplinary projects, ranging in the areas of Engineering, Procurement and Construction, as well as commissioning and start-up plants. The industries served include oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, and infrastructure projects for both private and public sectors, amounting to investments of over $500 million.

The organization consists of directors, managers, engineers, planners, inspectors, supervisors, quality control agents, safety and environmental protection experts, buyers and an administrative staff that for over three decades have worked together in various large-scale projects.


The organization, in its entirety, is committed to the best project execution results in regards to time, costs and work quality. Such results are achieved by putting into practice efficient management skills in line with key factors to increase performance taking into account highly valued elements such as safety, the environment, and social responsibility.

Pentech is ranked among the top firms of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Start-up plants.

Because of its financial and technical capacity, Pentech has the ability to meet the demands of EPC projects of up to two million man-hours. Its organizational structure has the flexibility to respond rapidly to the demands of each project, within the pre-established parameters of quality, time and budget commitments.

Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Tecnología e InnovaciónPentech’s technological infrastructure is equipped with all the services required for executing multidisciplinary projects; its configuration is supported by a cutting-edge technology platform for both hardware and software requirements, applicable to business management design and planning. Additionally, it also provides a linked communications network between branch offices and project sites, a significant advantage for its business performance.

Pentech’s technology platform allows for extremely complex projects to be planned and executed with high levels of assurance. It also allows for compiling and analyzing all the necessary information on specific projects providing clients with total access to data on a real-time basis, making possible an effective and easy-to-handle project management process.

Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System

Sistema Integrado de GestiónPentech is a solid organization featuring an Integrated Management System, a custom made system using state-of-the-art technology tools, optimizing technical and administrative resources of the company. This is a relevant source of confidence for clients, suppliers and partners in the EPC business.

The Integrated Management System includes SAP Enterprise Management System® Intergraph SmartPlant® and other applications, providing a value-added effect to the client’s business by interconnecting the organization’s operational activities with the global vision of its project and finance control management departments. The outcomes are highly reliable and reassuring.

The Integrated Management System provides interdisciplinary coordination, essential to implement a project, allowing a continuous monitoring of the progress on each area of work. The results can be observed in optimal response capacity and a reduction in margin of error, ensuring success in each commitment.

All work processes are based on what is considered best practices which promote the expected level of excellence by the organization and its clients. Various applications for plant design in 3D, control of materials, documents and implementation of interdisciplinary coordination through the 3D model visualization tools. The system allows the planning and use of corporate resources increasing the efficiency in cost controls while ensuring a quick response to the ever-changing business needs.

Our people

Our people

Pentech takes pride in its greatest asset, its people. We rely on highly qualified personnel, who are capable of delivering project results beyond expectations. Therefore, our people are continuously given the opportunity to participate in professionally challenging work activities, making a positive impact on their career growth and expertise within the organization.

Promoting a cordial environment in the workplace is of fundamental value for Pentech. The organization believes in fostering a multicultural, equal opportunity environment, which provides both personal and career-growth opportunities for everyone.

This is the reason why a person-centered approach to competency development, aligned to our business mission, vision and strategic objectives is definitely the best way to ensure the proper employment of people’s knowledge and a pertinent career development leading to a real sense of belonging, which is a major differentiating factor of our organization.

Human Resources Policies

Human Resources Policies

Política de Capital HumanoPentech’s current Human Resources (H.R.) Policies have been designed to ensure that potential candidates meet the requirements of our professional competency model. Our policy puts special emphasis on determining how compatible candidates’ personal and professional qualifications measure against our organizational values, so as to be able to fit the needs of each project and to fill a position in the shortest possible period of time.

Belonging to the Pentech team is being aligned with its organizational values and all of its employees, regardless of the geographical branch location.

Pentech’ s selection process involves a thorough evaluation of candidates capabilities, technical skills and potential for career development. This is the strict criteria by which the selection process is exclusively followed. Moreover, Human Resource Policies are shaped according to regions and laws governing each Pentech branch office worldwide, facilitating a consulting guide when making decisions on how to attract, train, develop, and motivate personnel.

It is Pentech’s objective to promote and establish a professional development plan aimed at enhancing the abilities and skills of all its workers, enabling constant growth in the quality of services delivered throughout its projects.

It is through a career development plan that personnel are able to grow as professionals within the organization, according to their abilities, preferences and expectations. In the event that any management or upper-level job openings become available or vacant, Pentech takes into consideration which candidates within the organization best fit the profiles and meet selection criteria. External applicants are also given the same careful consideration.

Pentech allows its employees to choose a career path according to their preferences and skills either through a leadership position or by deciding if their growth will remain focused in their particular discipline.

Every employee is ultimately responsible to further his or her own self-development and in the process gain self-awareness. He or she must have the commitment to accomplish outlined career goals as well as reach individual professional objectives.

Pentech has a process in place designed for talent identification and preparation at all levels of the organization. It enables a continuous improvement environment where aptitudes and skills are enhanced, adding value to the Pentech professional.

Pentech’s personnel development plan is structured according to the position held by each employee and focuses on defining the objective of his or her training program. The plan puts special emphasis on allowing employees to acquire greater professional skills and responsibilities as they continue to grow in the organization.

In Pentech, the continuous learning approach and successive improvements made to their processes and sub-processes have led the organization to build more effective and efficient work teams and processes in all of the chain’s links of business value, including both core and support areas of business.

Applying for a job at Pentech

Applying for a job at Pentech

Aplica para PentechPentech is an organization of almost 1,000 employees, providing integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services on a global scale. Our well-defined business strategies allow us to compete for a market share in the global energy market, especially in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.

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Integral Services

Pentech has the ability to take on commitments of the construction of plants and other installations for various market segments from their inception, launching, pre-operative and final delivery stages to their respective clients, maximizing the value-added while delivering high quality products within time and budget margins.

Excellent relations with large multinational and local engineering and construction companies allow for the establishment of strategic partnerships or plans of cooperation, mutually beneficial for the implementation of large-scale projects.

The company has the flexibility to participate in projects under different contractual agreements, such as contractor/sub-contractor, joint ventures and strategic alliances, depending on the complexity and requirements of each commitment.

Project Management

Project Management

Pentech offers integrated services including Project Management which assumes the responsibility of handling all resources, scope, time, costs, risks, communications, procurement, contracts, quality, and stakeholders. These activities are carried out with the support of management information systems, which guarantee timely and accurate decision-making to the accomplishment of project objectives. All of this takes place within a specific and well developed framework, considering different international reference frames and best practices worldwide in the Engineering and Construction sectors.

Within the Project Management scope of work, Pentech has the capability to develop integrated management systems for follow-up purposes and for the control of operating and financial activities. The following are aspects worth highlighting:



Pentech’s engineering work team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals capable of consistently delivering technically sound and effective solutions by applying value engineering methods, ensuring economically profitable project results for customer satisfaction. Pentech’s engineers have accumulated decades of work and innovation experience in all engineering disciplines and branches applicable to Oil & Gas, Refining and Petrochemical sectors, including intermediate systems for product Treatment, Storage, Transport, and Distribution, as well as Power Generation Facilities and Industrial Plants. It must be pointed that our team of talented engineers also have extensive experience in Production, Storage, Treatment, Transportation and Conversion of heavy and extra-heavy crude services and related processes.

Pentech is capable of providing all of the engineering services required by highly complex facilities and process and utility plants: Process, Piping, Systems, Mechanical (static and rotating equipment, heat exchangers and direct-fired systems, package units), Automation and Process Control, Civil/Structure/Architecture, Electrical, Telecommunications, Environment and Safety Design. All of these available services are possible thanks to a solid organizational structure led by a group of professionals in charge of Functional Management Engineering Departments and a team of project professionals and leading experts in EPC project execution.

As part of the nature of activities within EPC projects, our professionals keep a fluent and documented relationship with the following organizations: Safety Health and Environment (SHE), Project Management and Control, Supply Chain, Quality Control, Construction Commissioning and Start-up, Quality Management, aside from all other support organizations. This highly important practice contributes to strengthening our capabilities to address joint activities such as constructability, maintainability and operability. These joint activities are supported by 3D modeling techniques, P&ID type reviews, Hazop/Hazip, What If, Technical audits, and value engineering exercises.

Pentech strongly believes in technology as a differentiating factor, not only for continuous improvement of productivity processes, but for the guarantee of design coherence and conformity, ultimately gaining the client’s trust in the quality of services.

In that regard, Pentech has defined, developed and adapted its own processes by integrating different tools, whether to increase the productivity and reliability of engineering technical services, or for the administrative process of supervision and management, including the cycle of emission and revision of deliverables.

The integration of technological tools guarantee the client consistency of data handled throughout the project’s deliverables process and in turn allows for the client participation by having on-line access to Pentech’s technology platform and its IT applications, in several control points set up in programmed workflows.

Procedures of Engineering Management concerning information technology applications include their interface with other tools used by the areas of Project Planning and Control, Procurement and Control of Materials and Equipment along with budget and cost control tools (SAP). Worth highlighting is the customization and integration of platforms of technical design, 3D modeling and document control, interfacing with Procurement and Material Control by means of the Intergraph SmartPlant® application suite, capitalizing from the features of integration and exchange of data supplied by SP Foundation application.

Pentech has a solid global telecommunications structure as well as global-scale data processing centers (DPC), aside from delivering traditional communications support such as tele and video-conference services, guaranteeing the security, backup and recovery of data; Included is an efficient and effective process of executing engineering projects with the combined efforts of multiple Execution Centers. Efforts are focused on maximizing talents, experience and technical and management skills in each Execution Center, including the possibility for integration of design tools.



 One of the key success factors in any EPC Project is the timely acquisition of equipment and materials. Our Pentech’s Procurement team is trained to provide services in the managing of equipment and materials Procurement to their final on-site delivery, including storage and dispatch to Construction (C) representatives. The Procurement process integrated service from the Engineering (E) phase, delivery to Procurement (P), and dispatch to Construction (C) is monitored by means of cutting-edge information technology, which allows tracking of the whole Procurement (P) process including its plan, projected and actual executed procurement.

Our procurement team has extensive experience in the selection and contracting process of manufacturers and suppliers. This experience, combined with Pentech’s procedures and proven negotiation practices, make possible the handling of project needs with tight deadlines. The bottom line success of our Procurement team in projects stems from strategically establishing a procurement plan early on, where particular actions are set up by requirements, and where possible suppliers and/or contractors, budget, start-up dates, process duration (negotiations, allocation, manufacturing, transport) as well as the associated technical and commercial risks and their mitigation.

The control system of the procurement integration process, whether internally or inside the project, Engineering and Construction, is managed for the Materials Management team. This control system is also supported by internal functions such as contracts and purchasing, follow-up or expediting, inspections, traffic and logistics, and storage and dispatch of construction equipment.

Pentech’s procurement activities are:



Pentech’s Construction Management Unit is experienced and qualified, with up-to-date execution procedures capable of ensuring excellent project results through the achievement of high productivity, quality and safety levels during all of the work phases, including highly complex projects. Our experience and capabilities allows us to responsibly execute a wide range of construction projects.

All aspects involved in project construction include work management, contract administration, labor relations, resource planning and monitoring, and storage and material handling. Our construction team is provided with an extensive database for subcontracting purposes. It is also provided with the necessary experience to deal with highly qualified contractors in order to cover all EPC project responsibilities.

Commissioning and Start-Up

Commissioning and Start-Up

Pentech provides diagnostics services, repairs, plant pre-commissioning/commissioning of plants to be revamped or modified, successfully carrying out the following procedures:

Business segments

Pentech provides value-added integrated services in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Plant start-up, for projects in different industry sectors, backed by the most innovative tools and technology available.

Our ability to work from the earliest defining stage of a project to the start-up and construction phase means that we offer our customers work continuity and ongoing supervision, which improves efficiency and at the same time maintains the required excellence levels in construction processes and operations, regardless of the industry sector the business operates.

We specialize in the following industry sectors:

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Pentech offers a broad range of services to the oil and gas production industry. Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals in the areas of Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Manufacturing, Service Implementation, Start-up, and Maintenance Services for the production, processing and transportation of oil and gas.

Pentech’s knowledge and technical expertise allow us to address different kinds of projects, from light/medium crude oil production (which require little treatment), to extra-heavy oil production in combination with other components. Pentech is also prepared to provide services involving rich gas production and processing, where specialized facilities and operations are required.

Our engineers and designers are extensively experienced in design and construction areas in many production facilities including completely integrated solutions to both on-shore and off-shore projects.

Engineering and Design disciplines are capable of handling all phases of an upstream and medium stream production project, from the feasibility study stage, conceptual developments, basic engineering, to Detail Engineering, Procurement and Turn-key Facility delivery.

Our experienced professionals are qualified to implement all of the technical procedures and technological tools required by the oil and gas production industry, always committed to quality, safety, ecological sustainability, and cost optimization criteria; also complying with both local and international operating standards and specifications.

Pentech focuses on offering flexibility in its services according to each particular project requirements, enabling us to develop projects either from our own offices or our partners’, or even assigning a project team to our client’s headquarters if so required.

Our capabilities in oil and gas production services include:

Participation in projects ranging from feasibility studies, conceptual, basic engineering, development of detailed engineering, procurement, construction and delivery of “turnkey” production facilities both onshore and offshore. The company complies with procedures and applies technologies required by clients, according to specifications and local and international regulations, standards of safety, environmental sustainability and costs involved.

  • Surface production facilities
  • Clusters and well-pads
  • Gathering systems, flow stations and flow lines
  • Wellhead platforms
  • Water, steam and gas injection
  • Oil and water treatment
  • Multiphase pumping
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Tanks and tank farms
  • Desalting and dehydration plants
  • Effluents treatment
  • Automation

Technical and economic studies, conceptual design and basic process plants, debottlenecking, expansion and construction projects. Modular construction to improve costs and reduce risks, ensuring quality of work.

  • Atmospheric and vacuum distillation
  • Alkylation (HF)
  • Catalytic cracking and reforming
  • Liquids fractionating
  • Hydrotreatment and hydrodesulphurization
  • Amine treatment
  • Sour water stripping
  • Sulfur recovery
  • Paraffin and wax production
  • Coke handling
  • Utilities, facilities, and tank farms

Our staff design, purchase, build and assist start-up process plants, both new cutting-edge facilities and modernization of existing plants for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

  • Bulk material handling and storage (urea, coke, sulfur)
  • PVC
  • Polyethylene
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Bio fuels (ethanol)

Pentech has specialists that design, build, install and start-up gas processing and treatment plants, with focus on quality and reliability. Our experience and capabilities in different stages of processing include treatment and removal of contaminants, refrigeration and cryogenics for the gas industries.

  • Onshore and offshore gas production and gas gathering facilities
  • Gas compression and injection
  • Gas/oil separation
  • Dehydration
  • Regasification
  • Gas sweetening / sulfur removal / tail gas treatment
  • Gas storage, transportation and distribution


Generación EléctricaPentech relies on experienced professionals that have been engaged in all phases related to execution of electrical projects in the country, ranging from consulting engineering activities to the construction and support to the start-up of large electricity generating plants designed for use of the oil industry, as well as large urban and industrial areas.

Moreover, our experience extends to feasibility studies, concept, basic and detail engineering, as well as management of Turnkey EPC projects.

Pentech also provides engineering, procurement and construction services applicable to new power generation plants, of either simple or combined cogeneration cycle, in large turbo-generating units. Other services include: studies and operational improvements or expansion of existing plants; as well as auxiliary equipment services and operation maintenance/reliability plans.

Safety is one of the major factors Pentech takes into account when designing and executing a project. We strictly respect all the national and international safety standards, avoiding impact on project costs, time and quality, which proves advantageous to the client.

Pentech professionals have access to the most innovative technological tools available in the field of electricity for power systems simulation and modeling, load flow analysis, and stability studies. Protection systems are also available for a more optimal design of facilities.

Our commercial relations with the most important equipment manufacturing firms, and our procurement management capacity and knowhow on a global scale, allow us to include the best products for use in our projects, for the benefit of our customers. Some of these equipment units are the following: turbo-generators, transformers, condensers, high and low voltage interrupters, transmission, control and instrumentation associated equipment, SCADA and telecommunication systems.

Our power generation services and capabilities include:

Feasibility studies, concept, basic and detail engineering, procurement and construction, Turnkey EPC project management; and plant start-up support activities (electrical power generation and cogeneration plants); studies and operational improvements or expansion of existing plants, commercial relations with the most important equipment manufacturing firms, procurement management capacity and know-how on a global scale, power systems simulation and modeling for an optimal design of facilities.

  • Conventional power generation (diesel/fuel oil, gas)
  • Turbo generation: simple and combined cycle
  • Carbon and coke generation
  • Geothermal power generation
  • Transmission system
  • Study and design of networks


IndustriaPentech relies on its highly qualified personnel and specific technical credentials to successfully execute both public and private industrial projects

Thanks to our technical, managing and administrative capabilities, we are able to cover all the phases of a project, from the necessary feasibility studies and design to the procurement, construction and implementation phase. Safety, quality, costs, and planning are key factors strictly taken into consideration by Pentech when executing each project phase regardless of the type of contract, including the construction of new facilities, revamping and modification of existing facilities.

Our qualified professionals put into a practice a combination of their extensive experience with available cutting edge IT tools and other advanced technological devices, which allow them to develop the best design possible, recommend high quality materials and equipment and build and put in place a number of facilities that support the engineering, procurement and construction activities of a wide range of industrial specialties such as:

  • Pulp and Paper
  • Biofuels (Ethanol)
  • Aluminum
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Logging


infraestructuraPentech’s global experience in engineering, procurement and construction is an important business advantage resulting from the successful completion of infrastructure projects.

Pentech relies on its extensive experience to produce outstanding designs, identify and recommend high quality materials and equipment, construct and put in place a wide range of infrastructure projects that are capable of meeting or exceeding our customers’ requirements. One of Pentech’s technical competencies is its capacity to execute the engineering, procurement and construction of small or large, public or private facilities, from their conceptual phase to completion and implementation activities. Our team’s leadership and work methodology allow us to provide profitable and high quality solutions and to efficiently and effectively meet our customers’ needs.

Our services include:

  • Marine ports and terminals
  • Airports
  • Sports facilities
  • Infrastructures: roads, highways, bridges
  • Infrastructure and drainage networks
  • Water and effluent treatment plants
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Cable cars
  • Shopping centers
  • Hotel complexes
  • Commercial and Housing complexes




Social Responsibility

Pentech has adopted in its management practices and global strategy, high regards for health, safety, environment, and concern for the wellbeing of its interest groups; a sense of responsibility, weighing in on values, laws and regulations wherever conducting business.

Pentech has implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2008 for the execution of projects of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Start-up of facilities, certified by BUREAU VERITAS, which illustrates the total commitment to the demands set by our clients and contractual agreements.

Pentech engages in a process of continuous improvement that includes the implementation of corrective and preventive actions, establishing indicators and controls which may prevent nonconformities, aside from conducting a review and maintenance of the System of Quality Management, which forms part of a culture of change management; that constitutes an achievement in its unwavering commitment to Quality.

Pentech is committed to Knowledge Management in order to consolidate a high synergy between the different areas of the organization. The definition of Knowledge Communities that allow the application and publication of lessons learned, training personnel involved in the processes, capitalization and implementation of best practices, aims to design processes and services with unique features of high quality and competitive prices.

Pentech’s core value is the Commitment to its people, safety and the environment.

To achieve this commitment, Pentech declares through its Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Policies, the commitment to minimize the hazards, protect the environment and control risks and impacts associated with the related activities, in order to prevent work-related incidents and illnesses, ensuring that its services are compatible with environmental, economic and social factors.

Through the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Management, the organization guarantees compliance with laws and current regulations, ensuring safety in the work place, protection of personnel’s health, the environment and surroundings where the activities take place. Pentech ensures that its activities are carried out under a Safety Management System, Occupational Health and Environment, based on the international standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Pentech, in constant search of improvements for its employees, customers and the environment, is implementing measures that benefit all, in order to sustain the continued growth of the organization.

As a result and as part of the commitment of the company to its workers, safety and the environment, we have established a set of approved and mandatory policies, which will help ensure the organization and its employees’ development in a healthy and safe environment:

Corporate Management System QHSE Policy Statement: includes a series of objectives that promote the sustained development of the company, customer satisfaction, as well as the continuous improvement of processes, worker safety, committing to protecting the environment, among others things.

Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco policies: refers to the need to encourage employees, contractors and visitors towards a healthy lifestyle; raising awareness about the harmful effects of alcohol abuse, drugs and tobacco.

These policies are currently in effect throughout all of Pentech to ensure their dissemination, understanding and compliance.

The ethical standards at Pentech are reflected in its philosophy of social responsibility and best practices to promote the development of communities where it has ties. As part of its responsible management stance, the company strengthens its ties with clients, business partners and other interest groups through trusted relationships representing long-term business sustainability.

Pentech’s philosophy of social responsibility is evident in the delivery of quality products, the continued business relations of mutual benefit, the improvement of its personnel’s talent capabilities, and in the recognition of the effort. Its premise is to engage in business in an ethical, transparent and trusting manner. Pentech also promotes the responsible use of natural resources, a safe and healthy environment both in the office and the various geographic locations where it develops engineering and construction projects.

The management team of Pentech is totally committed to policies and practices of social responsibility, and for this purpose supports ideas and programs that present new opportunities of access to sources of development in education, health, work, housing and sports.


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